Node and its corrosponding links hightlight

Hi all

My concern : if i will select a node then from links and tolinks ,labels & corrosponding child nodes will highlinght on select of the parent node.
how an i achive this .....??
Thanks a lot for the previous help and support.

Can you post a picture of a diagram with the location of the click and the parts you want selected identified? that will help answer your question. thanks.

If you look at the SubGraphApp sample, you’ll see a feature in the upper left that lets you highlight objects to the selection.

And in TreeApp, you'll see options that let you drag linked children.

thanks Jake …

-I have achived the same as my links and nodes are created on business rule
-can i ask one more query as i have defined so many types of the relationships for e.g. Mother-Father , brother-brother brother-sisters etc.
now i want to fix the color for the type of the relationship say mother-father green brother-brother red brother -sister green
Please give me some tip will help me to proceeds.
Thanks in advance

The FamilyTree sample does this.