Node button action -Flickering

I am using IVR tree to show nodes hierarchy with action button inside each and every node . When i have more # of nodes (let say more than 10 nodes , which occupy whole screen )Some times when i click on the action button inside the node , action is not getting triggered . Instead nodes are getting scrolled to middle of the page to fit in (i mean all the nodes are getting adjusted to the middle of screen). There after if again i click on the action it is triggering the action.
Is there any way to stop this flickering of the nodes and allow click on the button inside the node ?

Can you tell us how to reproduce the problem? Or set up a CodePen that does?

I have lot of customized code cannot able to show on code pen.
Selecting the graph and then clicking on node button seems to work.

How to select graph on mouse over of the graph , any sample code . By default on click of the graph will select the graph and show some border as well.

I do not understand what you mean when you talk about selecting a graph. Do you mean selecting one or more Parts, such as Nodes or Links?

You could select nodes when the user passes the mouse over them. Or you could merely highlight them, making them Part.isHighlighted without making them Part.isSelected. The latter has a lot of predefined side-effects, whereas the former does not.

I managed to fix it :)

That actually has nothing to do with GoJS. Just change the border style of the Div element.

One more , How to remove canvas border (Graph Border). border style not working