Node decorators

Is it possible to have node decorators which look like this (pointed by red arrows):

Also, location of decorators is fixed.

And node label at the lower portion of nodes (pointed by blue arrow) in above diagram.


Of course – just add Pictures or TextBlocks in the node template where you want them to be. Perhaps you want to organize your whole Node body in a “Table” Panel? I would guess that such a “Table” Panel would be nested inside two “Auto” Panels, an inner one to provide the inner border and an outer one to provide the outer border.

Presumably some of those Pictures will have event handlers, yes?

Read the first dozen pages or so of the Introduction, starting at GoJS Introduction -- Northwoods Software.

Hi @walter,

using “Panel”, i got the following diagram:

But, in this diagram, i want to have the image on the extreme right (), to be at the top right corner, like this:

How can i achieve this?


Got it by using -> alignment: go.Spot.Top