Node events and node text block properties

I need to do following changes in my diagram

  1. addevent RightClick on one of the node.
    2)define border for the text block
    3)In my tree layout parent node height width border etc should be dfiferent from child how to do that
  1. GraphObject | GoJS API. For context menus, read: GoJS Context Menus -- Northwoods Software

  2. Use an Auto Panel: GoJS Panels -- Northwoods Software

  3. If you can set a property on “root” nodes, use Bindings to customize appearances the way that you want, or just use a different template. The Radial Layout sample demonstrates the second way: Radial Layout. Look at how there are two node templates, one named “Root”, and how each time the new root node has its node.category = "Root" set.

thanks !!
one more question how to get notified when two child nodes added to parent node.
i need to show a popup as soon as twl more nodes are joined to parent node.
i was trying to call function after 2 nd node commitTransaction , but that function get called before node added on diagram

Perhaps you want to implement a Node | GoJS API event handler and have it show your popup when node.findLinksOutOf().count === 2, or node.findLinksConnected().count === 2, or something like that.

thanks walter.

What is the price to get the license of this library

I have forwarded your request to GoSales at