node.expandTree probelm

The node has three levels.
IsTreeExpanded must be true, the node is added when the tree button is clicked


I have the following problems. The tree button is displayed as minus.

Is there a solution?
Waiting for an answer.

First, I assume you mean that the diagram is a tree that has three levels.

Second, I don’t understand what you mean when you say “IsTreeExpanded must be true, the node is added when the tree button is clicked”. This is highly ambiguous.

Third, what does node.expandTree(5) do in your scenario?

Fourth, as you can see in the definition of the “TreeExpanderButton” that is in extensions/Buttons.js, whether or not the button shows a plus or a minus is data bound to Node.isTreeExpanded. If you are explicitly making the child nodes not visible, that will not affect the Node.isTreeExpanded state of the parent node. So how did you get into this situation?

Waiting for an answer.

I want to know the final level count of this tree.

node.expandTree(5) // 5 – final level(Depth) count of this tree.

To determine the depth of the tree you’ll need walk the tree recursively.