Node Label Behavior

I am working on Process Flow Diagram software where we are using a subclass of the GoIconic node to represent different operations. One problem that we are having is that when a user edits a Node label the label leaves edit mode as soon the label loses focus (many users move the mouse and start typing without realizing the label is out of edit mode). Our users are asking whether the label can remain in edit mode until some mousedown event outside of the label occurs. Before I start trying to implement a solution I am wondering if you have any advice. Note that we already have a GoText subclass as the label so that we can begin edit mode with a double rather than single click event (also a user request).

That behavior is due to your using the sample application IconicApp’s implementation, yes? It is the change in focus that causes the in-place editor to stop editing.
I think you can just change the calls to:
in the BackgroundHover and ObjectHover event handlers to do this instead:
if (!goView1.IsEditing) goView1.Focus();
Maybe we should change the example this way. The behavior reminds me too much of certain window systems that operate that way…

Hi Walter,
This did the trick. Thanks very much for your help.