Node location not changing when change width of canvas

in the above picture canvas occupied all space. canvas resized automatically when show the right section. but node still there as shown in below pic

is there any possibility to relocate the node ?

I should point out that you probably do not want to change that node’s Node.location property. But you do want to scroll the diagram’s viewport.

After the DIV element is resized, you should call Diagram.requestUpdate. Please read

Hi I tried the above solution diagram.requestUpdate(); but not working, right now to update the position we need to click atleast one time on canvas.

So you have confirmed in the debugger that the DIV size has been changed to the desired value, before you call Diagram.requestUpdate? That’s odd. Or have you set Diagram.scrollMode to go.Diagram.InfiniteScroll, so that there would be no reason to scroll the (only?) part into the viewport?

Is there any way we could reproduce the problem?

 onResized(event: ResizedEvent) {

after resized calling the requestUpdate.

not setting **Diagram.scrollMode**

Could you check this please?

yes Div size has been changed first

Well, it’s hard for us to tell what’s happening. I have no idea of what ResizedEvent is. It’s not

Is there a way you could show us how to reproduce the problem?