Node not appearing?

I am adding nodes to diagram area dynamically. The first node is visible properly but the second node is not visible until i change the location of the previously added node.
How can i auto refresh the diagram panel while adding a node?
I am using the below code:

You’re doing a lot of stuff that you don’t need to do or just shouldn’t do.

What data-bindings do you have in your Node DataTemplate?

If you have a data-binding for go:Node.Location, you might just need to do:

[code] myDiagram.StartTransaction(“add node”);

MyNodeData data = new MyNodeData() {
Key = Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), // why not use Guid as your NodeKey type?
Text = “Entity”,
Category = “Standard”,
Figure = NodeFigure.Rectangle,
Location = objPoint,

myDiagram.CommitTransaction(“add node”);

Node node = myDiagram.PartManager.FindNodeForData(data, myDiagram.Model);
myDiagram.Panel.MakeVisible(node, Rect.Empty);