Node position aligment based on each other

I am newbie about gojs i dont understand one point really trowing me off as I understand if I want to position node I have to use coordinate point pos or loc based on documentview thats fair enough but usually i need to position or align two different node not in the same panel is there way to write like align this node I mean i want to this node go above corner of another node without giving exact point and they are not in the same panel

Do you mean that the nodes that you want to align are in different diagrams because they are in different HTMLDivElements? What do you mean by "panel"s? (Note that a Node or any other kind of Part cannot be contained in the visual tree of a Panel.)

It really would help if you provided screenshots showing what you have an another screenshot or sketch of what you want.

Thank you walter I do have only one div i am putting mynodes

this is for my display

and this one for channel

and this one my nodedataarray

so if i want position two node elements on the screen i have to use position points
not like something like that
Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 18.00.32

I still do not understand what you want.

If you do not want your users to manually position nodes, and if you do not want to compute and assign the positions (or locations) of the nodes, you will need to depend on a Layout subclass to do so.

how i am going to do if i want to move node programmatically right now i can only give position point like = “100 100” which are based on documentview it doesnt really have relationships with another node

actually i want something like a position absolute and relative relation like css is that possibly do that give another node reference and move accordingly

How do you specify for a node which node its position should be relative to?

What happens when you declare A relative to B and B relative to A?