Node template port positioning

Hi Walter,

we have created a shape which show up the port outside. but when we connect with it other shapes, the link does NOT reach to the shape. there are always some distance between shape and link. how can we make this link touching both connected shape.

Please see follwoing Please help us how we can not have this Gap while still have port located outside.

Any Help will be apprenticed

The gap is because it is linking to your invisible ports.

In your makePort, you have:

        alignment: offsetSpot,
        alignmentFocus: offsetSpot.opposite(),

This makes sure your ports are outside the Diamond. In flowchart, which it looks like you might have started with, we have them inside for this reason. You could change it to:

        alignment: offsetSpot,
        alignmentFocus: offsetSpot,

Or else you need to decide what you want for your port locations, exactly.