Node with png image

hello every one i am new to this,i want to creat my own node with png images,so can any one tell me is it possible to do that???

I am also new but I give information from whatever i learnt till now. If you go to samples provided. There is one application called “NodeLinkDemo” where you can find classes for all kinds of nodes. You can use same code and modify it further as per your need. This is the easiest way. Or else you can inherit GoGeneral node to create yoour own node which contain image at the centre. You can put other initialisation parameters as null except image related parameters, while initializing GoGeneralNode parameters in your node.

thank for your reply.
Using godrawing how can i insert image instead of prdefiend figures.

sorry, I have never used it. But you can create your own shape using godrawing. I am not in position to answer, let others answer it.

GoDrawing doesn’t support images, just line & shape drawing. You have to use a separate GoImage object to add an image.

Run the samples, find a node that looks like what you want and then go see how it is implemented.

thanks replying,can u plz attached sample application for goimage object object

Just open the Samples projects in the evaluation kit. Search for GoImage.

There is no such goimage object application in my sample kit,
i have win

Some of the samples that use GoImage:


all in the evaluation kit.