Nodes moving when drawn

I’m trying to display a serialised diagram and when adding the nodes to the GoView document the Top and Left attributes are being modified, and this is leading to a untidy diagram and does not look like the originating control (from which the new controls code originates and I have made sure all the same attributes are set).
I have the following values set on the view:

this.GridSnapDrag = GoViewSnapStyle.None;
this.GridSnapResize = GoViewSnapStyle.None;
this.PortGravity = 30;
this.Document.MaintainsPartID = true;

this.AllowDelete = false;
this.AllowDrop = false;
this.AllowMove = false;
this.AllowLink = false;

It looks like it might be something to do with snapping to the grid, but I thought I had managed to turn that off. Any surgestions would be gratefully recieved?

All but one of those properties just affect what the user can do in the view – they will have no effect on the document or any of its objects. (And the exception in your code is GoDocument.MaintainsPartID, which is obviously a document property.)
I’m guessing that the problem is that you are modifying the nodes as you are loading/restoring them. This is a recent example of that: 1