Node's position

When I want to get the position of a node, I get the top - left position of the group which builds that node. Is it possible to get the position of the drawn rectangle representing the block? What I mean is I want the position of the rectangle to use for positioning of the other elements (I have some GoPorts and GoTexts that are positioned outside of the square). I somehow managed to improvize everything to work but now I’d like to fix it to have more readable and bug - free code. Thank you in advance.

I think i managed it. I used the MultiTextNode.ListGroup properties. I hope it will work now.

Yes, you can do that.

But there is a more general notion of "location" that GoObject supports that is not necessarily the same as GoObject.Position: the GoObject.Location property.
Many of the operations in GoDiagram work on the GoObject.Location instead of the GoObject.Position. You might want to override YourNode.Location to be the ListGroup.Position.