Non-real actualBounds has been set. Object Shape(None)#793, actualBounds: Rect(NaN,NaN,NaN,NaN)

After upgrading gojs from 2.1.4 to 2.1.56, we are getting the above error while linking the nodes. And the whole diagram is freezing up after this.
I tried using go-debug instead of gojs then the issue is not at all replicable.

Good idea to try go-debug.js. Are there any messages in the console window?

When you get the error message, is the user trying to draw a new link? Has the LinkingTool been customized in any manner, and if so, how? What is the Link template? Is there a subclass of Link?

If you methodically try removing those customizations of the LinkingTool, do any of them cause the error message not to happen?

I was trying different approaches to pinpoint the exact code that is causing the above error.
One of them was to increase the minSize and maxSize defined within go.shape from ‘215,90’ to ‘215,120’ and now everything is working fine. Not getting those console errors for any node creation or link.
Above are the dimensions of our node that we are trying to link.
Still, wondering what could be the exact cause here, since both dimensions are working fine in go-debug mode.

If you could post your node template, that might help.

I won’t be able to share more code here due to our internal policies.

Well, presumably you have set fromLinkable and/or toLinkable on the Node, or on some other element that has portId set or bound to some string. Otherwise the user could not start drawing a new link from or to the node.

For “Auto” Panels, you really want to limit the size of the panel, not the size of the border Shape. So settings like minSize and maxSize should go on the Panel/Node, not on the Shape.

Yes, we have set fromLinkable and toLinkable on the Node.
I tried after completely removing these settings, but the issue is still there. This is only resolved only after increasing it to 215, 110+.

Well, I cannot explain it with the information that I have now.

Thanks a lot, @walter for your help here.
We will be proceeding with the above workaround for now.