Non-resizability of flow chart controls

Dear GoXAM Team,

We are using the flowchart controls in our application. Since there are hotspot areas available on each control, resizing is not available.

Any plans to introduce resizability of flowchart controls? Or is it already there? Can you share an example please?

The GoXam Diagram control is a regular Control, in both WPF and Silverlight.

You are asking about the user resizing the whole Diagram, not about individual Nodes, right?

The way to do that is to place the Diagram inside a resizable panel. For example, both the GoWpfDemo and the GoSilverlightDemo place the selected sample inside a cell that the user can resize using the adjacent GridSplitter.

Dear Admin,

I have sent an email to with an attachment. I would like to know if that element in blue color is re-sizable.

Dear Admin,

Did you receive my attachment? It weighs about 37 Kb totally and contains a PNG file.

Dear Admin,

Just observed that this text editor has an image upload tool. Hence using this tool to share the image to make it easier for you to reference.

(Mail to gets read by another person, so I wouldn’t see it until it got forwarded to me.)

Ah, so you want the user to resize a Node, not the whole Diagram.

You could try setting go:Part.Resizable=“True” on the root element of the node DataTemplate.

This is also demonstrated in a number of samples.

And it’s discussed in the GoXamIntro document.