Not able to parse model data back using binding

Hi I have defined binding in node temoplate as :

 new go.Binding("height", "height", function(x) {
   rerturn parseInt(x);

I am passign height as string eg. { height : "100"}
and want to get height as Number if i access using

but while accessing model data I am getiing height as string not as Number.
I have also tried both conversion function as mentioned here : Binding | GoJS API

Your conversion might work source-to-target, but you don’t have a back-conversion, so any setting of “height” in code will set the data.height as a number.

Either add a back-conversion function, or else keep the data property value a number. It seems to me that doing the latter would be easiest, but perhaps you have a good reason to keep the number in string format.

Hi walter, thanks for your response, actually I have also tried back-conversion as follows with no luck:

new go.Binding("height", "height", function(x) {
      rerturn parseInt(x);
      }).makeTwoWay(function(h, data, model){ 
      model.setDataProperty(data, "height", partseInt(h));  

Your back-converter is not returning a string.