Not able to start creating a link in GoJS 3

Loot at these screen recordings:
working (2.3.14) -
current (3.0.2) -

This is very odd. Have you reviewed the incompatible changes at: Change Log | GoJS ?

If you create a new page with a minimal GoJS v3.0 diagram, copying the JavaScript code from one of our samples, do all mouse events work properly? Again, for now, let’s avoid using any extensions.

[EDIT] Actually, I should first ask an even more basic question: if you go to Basic | GoJS does it work the way that you expect?

  • draw new links between nodes
  • show tooltip for nodes, links, and the diagram background
  • context menu for nodes, links, and the diagram background

I’m glad you found the problem. Could you please tell us the cause of that mysterious behavior so that anyone else encountering it will know what to look for? Thanks!