Not hitting Key Press or Key Down Event

Graphview is not triggering any event like Keypress or KeyDown when pressed any arrow keys. Event gets triggered for other keys but not for the Arrow Keys…Why is so?

Could any body help?

set GoView.DisableKeys to None.

I tried the same thing still its not hitting any key event for arrow keys.

I tried setting all below properties…

GraphView.SuppressArrowKeys = false;

graphOverView.DisableKeys = GoViewDisableKeys.None;

GraphView.DisableKeys = GoViewDisableKeys.None;

graphView.DisableKeys = GoViewDisableKeys.None;

GraphView.AllowKey = true;

GraphView.AllowMove = true;

What are you trying to do with the arrow key input?

I want to scroll the view by raster element depending on arrow keys. Left arrow key then scroll left, right arrow key then scroll right similarly for up and down arrow keys, like that.

That’s built in…


goView1.DisableKeys = GoViewDisableKeys.ArrowMove;

that disables object moving and allows arrow scrolling to be the arrow key action.

There are also ArrowMoveSmall and ArrowMoveLarge properties (CTRL-arrow key gives you the small move).

get rid of any keyboard handling code that you have added, it may be getting in the way.

Thanks a lot for answer.

But I tried also…still its not able to scroll with arrow keys.

Is this Win or Web?

Win application

Did you start with a particular sample?

thanks a lot for solutions so far…I have got the actual problem…Arrow keys are suppressed in the base class.