Not printing Label for GoTextNode

I have GoTextNodes that I’ve created and set the Label to a GoText object I created and populated. The GoText object includes settings the Clipping = true and StringTimming to EllipsisCharacter.
When I attempt to print the GoView any nodes that have been trimmed do not print their text. If I do a print preview the text is not shown either.
Is there a setting or something that I should change to allow the text to print in these scenarios? Also, does anyone have recommendations for the best way to handle a printing scenario like this?

I assume you see the text just fine on screen. Is GoTextNode.AutoResizes true or false? If false, did you manually change either the size of the node (and therefore the size of the GoText) or the GoText.Text string?

Yes, I see the text fine on screen with the ellipsis as appropriate. I have set the GoTextNode.AutoResizes to false and specificied a default size of 100x40 for all GoTextNodes.
I think I may have found the issue. I had also set the GoText.AutoResizes to false as well and when I removed that the full text of the node shows when doing a PrintPreview. Since the text gets smaller the more of it there is I have also have a toggle before printing that sets GoTextNode.Label.Wrapping to True and then back to False after printing.
On a side but related note. What is the easiest way to turn a ToolTip on and off based on whether a GoText object has been trimmed to fit in a GoTextNode?

You’ll need to override GoObject.GetToolTip to return the string or null.
However, it isn’t clear to me how to tell if string trimming is taking place, without measuring the text. Furthermore, the amount trimmed, and whether there was any trimming may be different when printing. (We have fixed a bug in this area, btw, for v2.4.)