Object Clicked events and Firefox 7

Hey guys, i think i’m running goWeb 4.0.02 or something around there, and i have a nice little flow chart display on my site that when a node is clicked will play a sound file. This works in chrome and IE 8 (i havent tried IE 9 yet). I’m pretty sure it worked in older versions of FF.

Is there a known issue with FF 7 and the click events? I've seen people post here about issued with drag n drop, i assume they're related but would like to know for sure. As a side note, i can right click anywhere on the page, until i like the chart then i cant right click anywhere on that page anymore unless i navigate away or refresh it.
Any info would be helpful, if this is solved in 4.2 what is the expected release date?

4.2 beta fixes all the problems we’ve seen (so far) with newer Firefox versions.

If you have an active support subscription, you would have received an invite to try the beta. If you don’t, contact sales at http://www.nwoods.com/sales/moreinfo.htm

I’m pretty sure i dont have an active support subscription anymore, but we might be renewing soon. Is there an estimated release date for 4.2? I doubt the boss would go for putting a beta in production, since the problem is with a minor bit of functionality.

Is there some kind of work around i could use until release? My best idea so far is to stop supporting FF, since every "update" breaks something else, and stick to chrome and IE.

Pretty soon. There haven’t been any problems found during beta.