Object [in]visibility depending on view

Hello everybody,

I am new to GoDiagram, and I would like to have some objects that are visible in some views, but invisible in other views.

Is there a way to get this behaviour ? At a first glance, I could only envision to do that using GoLayers, but it seems cumbersome to my applications, and could enter into conflict with other layer uses. Do you have any other idea ?

Best regards,

For most applications, using layers would be the most natural.
But I can easily imagine that that would be inconvenient for you. So the most general solution is to override GoObject.Paint to check the GoView argument and decide whether to call the base method or not.
For example, that’s basically what GoText.Paint does, depending on the value returned by GoText.PaintGreek, which checks the view’s PaintGreekScale to decide whether to just draw a line instead of the real text.

Thank you for this information