Hi. I got a problem with this event. It was supposed that when an IconicNode was clicked, a contextMenuStrip appears in that exact position. But the menu appears a mouthful above the location where the mouse clicked.
But if I maximize the form, the menu already appears in the right position.
Do you know why this happen?

Are you calling the ToolStripDropDown.Show method? Note that the Point argument is in screen coordinates, not in parent Control (i.e. GoView) coordinates. So you need to convert the GoInputEventArgs.ViewPoint value into screen coordinates before calling the Show method.

How can i convert ViewPoint values to screen coordinates?


I do what you said but the menu doesn’t still appears where i want. And when the window is maximized it works perfectly.
I set the code like this:

            GoObject obj = e.GoObject;
            GoIconicNode noClick = obj.ParentNode as GoIconicNode;
            if (noClick != null)
                Control ct = new Control();
                Point pontoSec = new Point(e.ViewPoint.X, e.ViewPoint.Y);
                Point ponto = ct.PointToScreen(pontoSec);

You need to use the GoView Control, not some random Control whose Size and Position are uninitialized, on which you call the PointToScreen method.