OnBoundsChanged do not receive changes of Size


I implement a class derived from GoDrawing and i override "OnBoundsChanged" method in my new class. The class is call everytime the "Position" is changed but is never called when "Size" change, i do not understand why?
Note: I override many time this "OnBoundsChanged" in others GoObject (GoGroup, GoObject...) and i receive notification for "Position" and/or "Size" changes normally except for GoDrawing.
I also found a workaround to my bug. I use "OnObservedChanged" instead of "OnBoundsChanged" and add "AddObserver(this);" in the constructor of my class which is derived from GoDrawing. Still, if someone know why "OnBoundsChanged" is not called in my case, let me know!

Neither GoShape or GoDrawing override Size{}, so any call to set Size goes to GoObject. So, I don’t understand why you’re seeing this.