OnDragOver Behavior Changed


I upgraded GoDiagram from V2.4.1 to V4.1.0 and saw that they changed the behavior of the OnDragOver in GoView.
On version 2.4.1 it was:
if (this.myPretendInternalDrag)
on the other hand on version 4.1.0:
if (this.PretendsInternalDrag)
Does anyone know why the changed the behavior? It breaks my code...

Not offhand. Let me do some research.

The change was made shortly after 2.4 shipped, but the reason for the change wasn’t recorded.

What is your code doing, and in what way does it break?

I was examining the dragged object in ‘DoExternalDrag’ and decided whether to allow the drag.

Now, not every drag fires this function (DoExternalDrag).
What should I do?

More detail please…

  1. your setting for ExternalDragDropsOnEnter

  2. is the failure happening only on an external drag from another control, or are you seeing problems when dragging within a single GoView?

1. ExternalDragDropsOnEnter = true
2. Yes, it happens only on an external drag from another control.
The 'this.PretendsInternalDrag' returns true in the if statement, thus it only calls to 'this.DoMouseMove()' function.
In version 2.4, on the other hand, it calls to both 'this.DoMouseMove()' and 'this.DoExternalDrag(evt)', because the DoExtenalDrag(evt) was after the if and not in the else

Sorry for all the questions, but I’m trying to determine the best path here… it may be writing a custom GoToolDragging or handling a GoView event. Can you post your full <span =“Apple-style-span” style=": rgb248, 248, 252; ">DoExtenalDrag override? (or email it to me if you prefer…)