Open-source usage?

I tried to read the license but it was too hard for me to grok. I see that goJS has an unlimited evaluation. Could it be included in an open-source project or would this be a violation of the license?

The foss project is a new dataflow language and goJS would enable a great editor for that language.

One could argue that most companies use open-source today and this would be a good way to introduce the product to many corporate enviornments.

GoJS has a proprietary software license. So you cannot use it with software that has a viral “copyleft” style license, such as GPL.

You can use it with software that has a permissive software license, such as MIT. If you acquire a license from us, Northwoods Software, you’ll be able to develop your app and deploy it to your web site.

Normally you would not be able to distribute our library for other developers to use, but we can give you permission to distribute the GoJS library that we have on our web site ( ) or on GitHub/Bower/npm/NuGet ( How to download GoJS ). That library displays a watermark, but other organizations can develop using the evaluation license and then acquire a license from us to remove the watermark and do their own deployments.

Thanks. I’ll compare this situation to using JointJS. I’m just now looking into alternatives.

Note that those open-source libraries are not as useful as they could be when so many useful features that you would expect to be included are not present because they are only part of a closed-source extension for $$$.

And most people need to pay for support anyway.