Operation aborted


The website I’m currently working with uses a goview within an update panel along with hover menu extenders from the ajax toolkit. When we updated our GoWeb.js from the 2.6.2 version of GoDiagram, we started to get the “Operation Aborted” IE error whenever a full postback was invoked and sometimes on page load.

We disabled all javascript from our page including any ajax toolkit features, but the error still occurred. So we reverted back to 2.5.2 GoWeb.js version and the error never showed up.

Any insight on this? I know for sure our website does not modify any asp or html components before the body loads.


When reverting from 2.6.2 to 2.5.2, is the only change you made the GoWeb.js file being used by your application? In other words, are you still using the 2.6.2 assemblies on the server in both circumstances?

I'm just trying to track down the nature of the problem. 2.6.2 is now AJAX aware, but I thought the changes for that were only on the server.

That is correct. Currently we are using the 2.6.2 assemblies, but using the 2.5.2 GoWeb.js file.
We narrowed it down to the GoWeb.js file because we thought maybe our aspx file was causing the error, so we reverted back to a known good aspx version. However our page still had the operation aborted problem even with our old aspx file. So we reverted to the 2.5.2 GoWeb.js file and the error was gone.