Options for search results

Are there any Samples on the GoJS site that might help me with options on search results? My map has several hundred nodes, and when I do a search, it does center on the search result, but not easy to identify the exact node. Is there a way to implement something like having the node size dynamically increase if it’s in the search result? Or actually filter the nodes displayed based on search result? thanks!

Sure, you can do whatever you want.

Have you seen the results in the Org Chart (static) sample: Org Chart Static ? That depends on highlighting, which is discussed at: GoJS Highlighting -- Northwoods Software. I think that particular sample’s highlighting is a bit garish, but you can easily customize via data Binding to make whatever changes you like.

Note also that if you use the collection of highlighted parts that the Diagram maintains, the user can cycle through the results by pressing the space key. (It also works for the collection of selected parts.)

Thanks Walter. Will check it out now.