Order panels on the canvas - scrolling table

I’m using scrolling table.
I have some of groups of tables that connected each other with links.
I want (on load) to change the order of the tables in screen.
I try to put the array nodes and links with id, and then the order of them on the screen will be by the id, but it’s not working for me.
attach pic.

How can I do this?
Thanks, Chen.

That’s normally determined by the Diagram.layout. What are you using?

I’m using go.LayeredDigraphLayout.
Which property I should use?

Ah, LayeredDigraphLayout explicitly tries to re-order the nodes within each layer so as to reduce the number of links that cross each other.

But, if those numbered “groups” are really subsets of nodes and links that are actually implemented as Groups, then the Diagram.layout should be a GridLayout and each Group.layout can be your LayeredDigraphLayout. Then it would be the GridLayout that would be responsible for arranging the “groups”, and GridLayout does support sorting.

Note that a Group does not have to have any visible GraphObjects such as Shapes, so the grouping can be invisible. I’m just saying that the groups don’t have to have a black border such as what you drew in your screenshot.

Thank you! it’s working when I set my nodes inside groups.
but I’v got a problem that the nodes are shrinking inside the group, the distans between the nodes are static.
how can I change it? I want them to be automatic as they was (you can see it in the last picture).
attached pic.


Did you set your Group.layout to be whatever LayeredDigraphLayout that you used to have as the Diagram.layout before you replaced it?

You right, That was my problem. Thanks alot!