Org chart diagram show the nodes in horizontal

org chart diagram show the nodes in horizontal . How to display the nodes horizontal way when i click on node. Now it displays vertical

??? Could you explain yourself more carefully. Screenshots help!

in the above diagram third layer nodes should show horizontal way. I have code … I have code like this…

but it is not working… myDiagram.nodeTemplate = $(go.Node, “Horizontal”,

That’s all controlled by the parameters of the TreeLayout. Try not setting TreeLayout.treeStyle.

used go.TreeLayout.StyleLayered is working fine. thanks…

Hi Walter

can you tell me how to node centered position. i don’t have a event here… i can’t use node.location = e.documentPoint
I do not have event.

In the above diagram 551 to be selected and centered in the page

Hi Walter

In the Above diagram (attachment) the head shots images are cut and not in proper alignment. and the buttons are also not fixed location. Could you please advise how to put fixed location (Not cut images) below is the code i am using

$(go.Panel, “Horizontal”, $(go.Picture, {
name : “Picture”,
desiredSize : new go.Size(39, 50),
margin : new go.Margin(6, 8, 6, 10),
}, new go.Binding(“source”, “key”, findHeadShot)),

You need to learn how to use Panels, including nested Panels.

I do suggest that you start from the existing sample node templates. I can’t give you specific advice here because you haven’t provided precise specifications. But actually the most precise specification would be the outlines of your node template. (For clarity, it’s best to strip out the unimportant styling and event handlers.)