Org Chart Display

How do I render the org chart and display image (img src=person1.gif, img src=person2.gif, …) Basically, we need the following info:
Person Image
Person Name
Position Name

Start with the User Guide…
Then, we have a couple of samples that are relavent: OrgCharter and DataSetDemo.
Neither one has a node defined that displays the person's image, but that isn't hard to add.

We have a dataset of 3000 positions to be displayed. However, the rendering process is quite slow. What is the recommended maximum number of nodes for the optimal performance.

Actually, for an organization chart that has a tree relationship, you should use GoLayoutTree. That is very fast. It can easily handle 100000 nodes. GoLayoutTree also has all kinds of options for customizing the layout.

DataSetDemo uses GoLayoutTree, but OrgCharter uses GoLayoutLayeredDigraph. So I’m guessing you were trying OrgCharter.
You can easily change that code to use GoLayoutTree instead.

In fact, maybe we should have changed that sample to use GoLayoutTree. You could adapt the code from DataSetDemo, or from one of the other samples that uses GoLayoutTree.