Org chart editor Button

Hi Walter

Can i place a button in Org chart editor canvas. like + / - Buttons. + will expand the one level lower data. - will remove the expanded one

Do you mean like this sample: Org Chart Extras ?

Basically, just add a “TreeExpanderButton” to your node template.

Hi Walter

Excelent. that is what wanted. Can you suggest how to make events over there. when you click on + / - buttons make ajax call to get the data

An example of on-demand creation of tree children is at Incremental Tree

Getting data from the server asynchronously is all standard stuff that is not specific to GoJS. In your success handler just remember to call Diagram.startTransaction, make calls to Model.addNodeData or Model.addNodeDataCollection (and similar methods on GraphLinksModel if you are using that instead of a TreeModel), and then call Diagram.commitTransaction.