Overlapping inside Group Node

I want to reset layout:
Step1: Is working fine.

Step2: After performing step1 overlapping happened.

Note: 1. Outside the Group Node Overlapping not happened after Applying
invalidateLayout() Property.
working code:
2. invalidateLayout() Property not Applicable on group Template.
Not Working Code:
var groupTemplate:go.Group;

That’s why one normally leaves Layout.isOngoing true, so that the changing size of a node will cause the node’s container’s layout to be invalidated.

It doesn’t make sense to call Part.invalidateLayout on any template, because every template should not be a Part in a Diagram, so there would be no layout for it to invalidate. So calling Layout.invalidateLayout makes sense.

I want layout on my group Template.
whenever I try like this:
var groupTemplate:go.Group;
groupTemplate.layout.isOngoing = true;
it does not work still overlapping happened.

I think what I said in Node Overlapping Issue still applies.