Overlay node on link


is there any way if node can overlay link.
Currently if a link is passing from the same location where a node is present then the link will pass over the node.
is there any method to make the link pass under the node instead.so that selecting the node is easier in case many links are passing from the same position…

PS: need solution as soon as possible.

Try setting Routing="AvoidsNodes" on the Route of the Link. Search for examples of this in GoWpfDemo.

yeah i have tried that but in complicated diagrams it sometimes fails.
I needed something permanent, so that in no scenario the link will overlap the node.
is it possible?
For eg: In XAML controls can be placed in foreground using higher Z-index value …is something like this possible?

Well, you can just set the attached property go.Node.LayerName="Foreground" or go.Link.LayerName="Background", as appropriate for the node or the link template(s).

Regarding “AvoidsNodes” routing – note that links crossing over nodes is still required if the “From” or “To” node overlaps other nodes at the port where the link must connect. This typically happens when the nodes are too close to each other, even if the nodes are not strictly overlapping each other.

Or crossing overs can happen if there is no path that can avoid crossing over any nodes, such as if there is a ring of other nodes surrounding a node.

Thanks for the solution. This behavior is exactly what i was looking for.
Thank you so much for your time and support :)