Overrides printpreview method


if i’m not wrong, the printdocument used to preview is created in the printpreview method.

i would like to use override it in order to use another printpreview control.

1)am i on the good way?

2)could you tell how to override?


If you just want to modify the PrintDocument, and/or you just want to use your own PrintPreviewDialog, you can just override GoView.PrintPreviewShowDialog.
Or if you really want to create your own PrintDocument, you can create your own PrintDocument and set its PrintPage handler to be the one that GoView uses:
pd.PrintPage += new PrintPageEventHandler(PrintDocumentPage);
Or finally if you really want don’t want to use the standard PrintPreviewDialog or PrintDocument, probably because you need to integrate printing into a larger printing framework, you can implement everything completely yourself. That would mean implementing your own GoView.PrintDocumentPage-like method to call GoView.PrintView. The trickiness there is in getting all the graphics transformations correct just before calling PrintView–you’ll probably need to temporarily reset the GoView.DocScale, GoView.DocPosition, and GoView.BorderStyle properties during the whole printing operation.

I’m a novice at GoDiagram. I need to do PrintDialog like in Microsoft word 2010. I read a little about PrintDocument and PrintShowDialog. If I understand correctly, I need to override PrintShowDialog(). But I do not understand how can I implement Preview document in same dialog and refresh it when one property changed?

Like the other 99 things that MS Office innovates in user interface, they pretty much never give .NET programmers any help doing things like that. We support the integration of .NET printing stuff, but beyond that, you’ll have to use Google and Stackoverflow to see if anyone has done anything to make printing look like Word.