Overview GOJS showing incorrect highlight


We are using go.Overview on our main diagram. Here is the code…

myOverview =
GO(go.Overview, “diagram-overview”, // the HTML DIV element for the Overview
{ observed: myDiagram }); // tell it which Diagram to show and pan

However, we have also used a container div with scroll bars to confine the diagram to required dimensions. Thus, the overview canvas is showing some wrong highlight/box for the visible area as it is illustrated below in the image.

Are there any additional parameters we can use or some alternative solution to this issue.

Thanks and Regards,

Confining the Diagram like that is a bad idea since we cannot tell how much of it is truly “viewable” by the user when some of it is clipped.

You should confine the Diagram using CSS rules, either giving it an explicit with and height in pixels or by letting its width and height be 100% and having a parent div confine it to some area.