Overview (the comeback)


I still have some difficulties to display my overview in a satisfiable way.

First, a brief overview of my previous questions about this subject : - when I loaded the overview in a window, I forget the automatic layout => the correct way was to set a new partmanager to the overview. but, one issue still remained : when I collapsed some part of the diagram, the display in diagram and overview is different. (because I set Part.Visible property)
  • Some time after, I raise a new issue : the first time I load the overview, all nodes aren’t display. Only a subpart…
<span id=“result_” =“short_text”>(probably because the
diagram model is not yet complete when I set the overview)

<span id=“result_” =“short_text”>
private void QDiagram_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            myDiagram.Model = QDEnv.QD_Model;           
            QDEnv.QD_Model.Changed += new EventHandler<ModelChangedEventArgs>(QD_Model_Changed); 
            if (QDEnv.Options.DisplayZoom)
                if (oZoomWdw == null)
                    dlgLoadZoom oLoadZoom = new dlgLoadZoom(OnLoadZoom);
                    this.Dispatcher.Invoke(oLoadZoom, System.Windows.Threading.DispatcherPriority.Normal);

        private void OnLoadZoom()
            oZoomWdw = new QD_Overview();
            oZoomWdw.DataContext = myDiagram;
            oZoomWdw.myOverview.Observed = myDiagram;
            oZoomWdw.myOverview.DraggingTool = new DraggingTool();
            oZoomWdw.myOverview.PartManager = new PartManager(); 

This code solve my problem of initial loading, (I don’t know excatly which Dispatcherproperty I need to use, i will done some test).

Have you an idea why when i don’t override partmanager, i loose the layout and I have some difficult with location property ?

If not, I maybe need to apply the same algorithms for diagram partmanager and overview partmanager.


Which GoXam version are you using and on which platform/version?

Sorry, I forgot to tell this

It is GoWpf version, v1.1.3.3.

And I add a new issue :
why in my overview, I don’t see the links ?
The node are well (thanks for tips to have different template, it works well)
But I don’t see the link (with and without changing template.)

Thanks for your help


I resolved my problems about overview.

Because of my project structure, i set the model diagram on the load of the usercontrol. (not in the constructor like in yours samples).
Then, if i set the overview.diagram also in the load function, it doesn’t work. (delayed it with a thread solution, it is not secure, because i loose nodes or links).

in the usercontrol constructor, i now create my overview window.
And i set the overview.diagram only on the InitialLayoutCompleted event.

myDiagram.InitialLayoutCompleted += (s, e) => { oZoomWdw.myOverview.Observed = myDiagram; }; 

And more, now I can decide to set or not a new partmanager (the both work).

Have a nice day