Overview - unwanted zoom


I have a strange behavior from the ‘overview’. The initial view is :

But after moving the mouse scroller randonly, the overview without any reason zooms out like this:

What can be the reason and the fix for this issue?


How is your Overview Div element embedded in your “Minimap” dialog/frame? Has it changed size or position within that dialog/frame?

`overview =
            g(go.Overview, element.find('.cl-diagram-overview-body')[0],
                observed: diagram,
                contentAlignment: go.Spot.Center
          overview.drawsTemporaryLayers = false;
          overview.computePixelRatio = function() { return 2; }

This is the implementation. Simple.

My question was only asking if the overview’s Div changed size or position inside whatever you use to implement that “Minimap” window. If it did, you’ll need to figure that out on your own. If it did not, we’ll need more information about how to reproduce the problem.

I get ‘ViewportBoundsChanged’ event

Correction : even moving the mouse on the screen causes the zoom out but the diagram didn’t trigger any event or moved.

We believe this will be fixed in the next release, later this week.

See: GoJS version 1.6.12

I downloaded the new version and this problem was not fixed.

OK, then we need some way of reproducing the problem.


I send you the video representing the steps in email.

That was helpful, but it was not enough for us to understand how to reproduce the problem so that we can fix it.