GoJS version 1.6.12

Changes for 1.6.12

  • Fixed Binding.ofObject to evaluate more frequently when the source property is the empty string. Remember that Bindings with a source property that is an empty string should only used when necessary, because they get evaluated whenever any settable property on the source object is modified, which may include many times when the conversion function returns the same value.
  • Fixed some links incorrectly invalidating at the end of an animation.
  • Corrected some cosmetic animations that were leaving state collapsed when repeated animations were successively called.
  • Reduced NaN errors when trying to route a Link connecting with a port element that is not GraphObject.visible.
  • Overviews will now respect custom pixel ratios.
  • Fixed Picture alignment when Picture.imageStretch is set.

For older changes, see: GoJS version 1.6.11