Own routing with link points


i´m trying to make my own routing algorithm for links.
At the moment i manipulate the link points by clear all points and add my calculated points to the link.
Basically it works, but it doesen´t work if i want use features like orthogonal or moveable.
By using this features my link inlcude more points then i had added and the routing is unuseable.
I´m not sure if manipulation link points is the right way for a own routing.
Is it possible to implement a routing without limitation of standard features like orthogonal?
Thanks for any help!

Orthogonal is one of the properties that the standard link routing responds to… so if you want to override the standard link routing but have orthogonal links, you have to make them orthogonal in your code.

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Are you overriding GoLink.CalculateStroke() to do everything?

In the case of Orthogonal links, you may find it easier to override AddOrthoPoints, if you want to only customize the routing of the link but keep the standard four points – two at each end of the link.

As an example of this, there is a predefined customization of AddOrthoPoints that occurs when AvoidsNode is true.

I don’t know why the Movable property would affect the implementation of CalculateStroke and the methods that CalculateStroke calls.