Page Orientation

Hello Walter,
We have another issue with printing: When we try to print to XPS printer we select page orientation of Landscape but the result document looks like Portrait.
We didn’t try to print to real printer yet, only to XPS and it didn’t work as expected.


That’s interesting. It seems to be a general problem.
You’ll notice that the GoXam PrintManager really thinks that the paper is in landscape orientation, because it paginates accordingly, even though the XPS viewer shows pages in portrait orientation.

This first link seems to provide a technique for a solution:
WPF to XPS in landscape orientation
XPS in Landscape

Printing to real printers in landscape orientation works fine.
It’s only the “virtual” XPS printer that seems to be confused about paper sizes and orientation.

Hi, I'm checking again if you think there is any way to fix or work around the portrait problem when printing to XPS printer. I've confirm that printing to real print really works well.

Thank you,

I would follow the suggestions that other people had regarding this issue. I don’t know any more about it than anyone else.

I’m having a similar problem getting the paginate process to preview the diagram in landscape orientation. ido.ran did you ever come up with a solution to the problem?