Page with GoView in an iframe

My .aspx page with a GoView with NoPost=true is now in an iframe within another page, and the GoView acts differently.
After the container page or the page with the GoView post back, the GoView comes empty with just the grid points visible. Triggering one of the GoView events by clicking/panning brings back the nodes, until the next page postback, when it is clear again.
The iframe has runat=“server”
Outside the iframe, the page with the GoView acts just fine, everything is redrawn on page postbacks.
If anyone encountered this behavior or has any suggestions on how to fix this, I appreciate your feedback,

If you are using ASP.NET 2.0 and GoDiagram Web, try the replacement DLL that is in:

(deleted reference to obsolete version)

Thank you very much!
I was at 2.5.1, going to fixed the issue!