Palette data(nodes) dynamically loaded in the context menu

As you see the nodes in “Components” tab, it loaded dynamically. now this is working fine when i drag them from palette to diagram it will create new node but I want these nodes to be loaded dynamically in context menu instead of palette “Components” tab with showing only their title as String and when i click on that title it will create new node with the text “title” on it. how could I achieve this ?

Have you read ?
Did you want to create a context menu in GoJS or in HTML?

yeah i check this link … and i am creating context menu in GOJs

It is uncommon to want to define a context menu from entirely new elements each time, but it can be done easily enough.

Here’s an example of defining a context menu for the whole Diagram (i.e. the background of the diagram) whose context menu buttons are completely determined at run-time by an Array.

      $(go.Diagram, . . .,
        { . . .,
          contextMenu: $("ContextMenu"),
          contextClick: function(e) {
            var cm = e.diagram.contextMenu;
            // remove all existing buttons
            while (cm.elements.count > 0) cm.removeAt(0);
            // now create all buttons according to the data in the Choices variable
            Choices.forEach(function(name) {
                $(go.TextBlock, name),
                  click: function(e, button) {
                    alert("context menu command: '" + name + "'");

    var Choices = ["command one", "choice two", "third"];

thank you for your quick reply. i will implement this !