Palette in bootstrap modal

Hi,I want to click a button then a modal appear,the modal includes a palette,but I can’t drag the element into the Diagram.How could I solve this? 3Q!

What happens when the user tries to drag-and-drop from the Palette?

I want to drop the element into the black part,the black part is thediagram.

But what happens when the user drags into the black area?

while,thank you for your replay,when the palette not in the modal,it works well,happens nothing because I can’t drag the element leave the palette.but when the palette not in a modal,it works well

I do not understand. Is there something about the modal window that prevents the user from dragging out of the window? If so, that has nothing to do with GoJS – you just can’t use that kind modal.

OK,thanks walter,I try a div modal,it works well.may be as you said the bootstrap modal prevents it.