PanelExpanderButton should not change width when its visible property is set to false

hi Walter,

i am using panelExpander button for a node. when i made it’s visible property to false its width is getting expanded automatically. how can i stop that. it should maintain fixed width.



That depends on how you have defined your template. Yes, when an object becomes not visible, for panel layout purposes it is as if the object does not exist.

Do you have a fixed width for the panel that is being made invisible? And is your header panel stretched horizontally? Perhaps the invisible panel is no longer providing any constraint on how far the header panel will stretch, so the header panel gets its natural width.

If what I just described is the case, then perhaps you can just set the width of the panel that holds both the header panel and the details panel. Or limit the width by setting maxSize to new go.Size(200, NaN) or something like that.

Thank you walter.