Panmode for goxam diagram


I have a tabcontrol and assigning goxam diagram as the content of its tabitem. i have multiple tab items and goxam diagram as its content . i want to have pan mode for each diagram in the tab control . i am creating the tabcontrol and its content at runtime. what should be my approach to achive this funtionality in MVVM .

The documentation for Northwoods.GoXam.Tool.PanningTool describes how to enable the Diagram.PanningTool.

I’ve read the Intro doc and saw that I have to set the DragSelectingTool to null in order to activate the PanningTool.
It’s not the greatest API but this part works.
The problem is when I want to re-enable selection by dragging and I set DragSelectingTool to new instance of DragSelectingTool (and it is also added to MouseMoveTools) it is not activated when I click and drag with the mouse - the panning tool is still the active one.

Where did I go wrong in order to bring the rubber-band-selection working again?

Thank you,

Removing the tool by setting Diagram.DragSelectingTool to null is the simplest thing you can do in XAML.

But if you sometimes want to use it and sometimes not, it’s more natural to set the DiagramTool.MouseEnabled property on any tool to false or true as needed.