Panning and Scrolling

I have been reading documentation on Scrolling and Panning. It seems to be built in to GoView yet does not work for me. I have the latest version and I’m using it on a WinForm.

If you could point me to a sample or some doucmentation that would be great.
The functionaility I would like to be able to do.
  1. AutoScroll document when performing an externalDrag operation so the object can be dropped on locations previously off screen.
  2. Scroll document like GoogleMaps by just click and drag
  3. Because of #2 I would like to change the implementation of grabbing a bunch of objects at once (rubberband) by holding down a key like shift perhaps.
1. GoView supports autoscrolling, but the GoDocument can't get bigger by itself until there's something in it being dragged in order to make the document bigger.
So perhaps you'll get what you want if you set GoView.DragsRealtime and .ExternalDragDropsOnEnter to true.
2. You can enable Google Maps style panning using the instructions in the GoWin reference manual under the topic "GoToolPanning class, about".