Panning in goview when objects are in fit to wind

Hi all,

I want to pan the goview(using Alt key) when my objects are in fit to window zoom and there are no scroll bars.
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try this:


public class AltToolPanning : GoToolPanning {

public AltToolPanning(GoView v) : base(v) {

this.AutoPan = false;


public override bool CanStart() {

GoInputEventArgs e = this.LastInput;

return (e.Buttons == MouseButtons.Left) && e.Alt;


public override void DoKeyDown() {




install the tool with this in your startup code.

AltToolPanning pTool = new AltToolPanning(this.goView1);


and you may need to play with GoView.SheetStyle (search this forum)

See this for explanation of the GoKeyDown code.