Parallel links between groups

Suppose that i have several links between two groups.
How can i force GOJS, NOT to group them into a “thick” line, but to remain parallel between the groups ?

Can you please show what this looks like? If one or more groups are collapsed, also show how the same diagram looks like when both groups are expanded.

The above picture shows the links between the devices
As soon as i add them to groups, links between collapsed groups looks like:
I managed to parallel the links between the group by setting :
fromSpot: go.Spot.AllSides, toSpot:go.Spot.AllSides.
and it looks like this :
So far so good !!!
I wonder, what makes GOJS to collapse all links to one “Thick” line ?

It mostly depends on the fromSpot and toSpot.

If that is what you want now between Groups, you could set Node.portSpreading to go.Node.SpreadingNone on your Group.

Super !!!