PartManager is not in sync with diagram model

I have strange behavior of GoXam which I think happen due to 3rd party component I use.
The problem is that in some specific situation GoXam does not create the visual nodes and links even though nodes and links model exist in the diagram model.

I would like to know if you can help me understand in what kind of situation this state may occur.

Thank you,

Unless you have changed the Diagram.PartManager or unknowingly replaced the Diagram.Model, I think there should always be Nodes and Links for the data in the model. Off hand I cannot think of any way to explain such behavior. Did you check that Diagram.Nodes, for example, is empty, even though Diagram.NodesSource is not?

The most common problem with interactions with other controls involves container controls that cause the Diagram to be Unloaded. This normally results in the Diagram removing all Parts, to reduce memory usage and potentially avoid some garbage generation problems. The most common example of this is the TabControl. But GoXam knows about that control and automatically avoids the unloading behavior when the user switches between tabs inside a TabControl. If this sounds relevant to your situation, you can search this forum for more information.

Yes, thank you.
The unload seem very relavant to this matter.
I’ve attach event handler to Unload and I can see it fire the event.
I’ve read the post about TabControl and it solve the problem.

Is that means I have to do something special during the real unload of my screen, call something on the diagram or simply set UnloadingClearsPartManager to true before closing the screen?

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Setting that property is all you need to do.
What control were you having problems with?

AvalonDock, it’s open source docking manager project.

The problem occur when trying to load a saved layout of that control. It does some internal working during which is cause the Unload event to occur.