Path animation speed


I’m benchmarking mutliple js library for a projet and have a question about the token animation feature.
I would like to be able to have tokens traversing a directed graph from a start node to an end node.
Each token start at the same time and have a set speed for each edge/path and I have multiple token per edge.
From the documentation, it doesn’t seems to be possible to control the speed of each token, did I miss something ?


You are correct. With the current animation manager, doing what you want is not possible. To do so you will have to animate GoJS properties outside of the animation manager (with requestUpdate() or similar).

We are currently expanding the capabilities of the Animation Manager for version 2.1, but have no release date yet for when the expansion will be complete.


Have you some details to share if possible about the expanded capability and the new feature of the animation manager that you are working on (like some kind of trello) so I can know what I can expect in the future ?


Unfortunately I have nothing to share yet at this time, sorry. We can add you to the list of people to email once the Beta is available, though.